allweiler pumps

An overview of Allweiler GmbH and why Allweiler pumps are among the most popular in the world.

Allweiler pumps and systems, which are manufactured in Germany, have become an industry standard and are popular with users worldwide. This is because the manufacturer has a track record of reliable service as well as providing intelligent solutions and products of the highest quality. Allweiler products, which have a wide variety of uses, show consistently superior design features. By using the highest quality materials available, the manufacturer is able to give users fast, reliable service and ensure that all pump systems operate safely and economically. For this reason, Allweiler GmbH has formed strong partnerships with industrial companies, service companies and medium-sized engineering firms, many of whom act as references to prospective customers.

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Focquet is active in all segments relating to electrically driven industrial power equipment. Our core business is in three areas: drives and the full range of electric motors, electric transformers, electric generators and power units and pumps and pumping sets.

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