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Products & services

Focquet is active in all segments relating to electrically driven industrial power equipment. Our core business is in three areas: drives and the full range of electric motors, electric transformers, electric generators and power units and pumps and pumping sets.

A special pumps section was created in 2005 and is run by experienced specialist staff.

Our activities in all these areas focus mainly on the purchase, sale, hire and repair of electrically driven industrial machinery and pumps. See our general conditions of sale.

Our extensive stock enables us to respond rapidly to orders for new or second-hand equipment. Our wide range of second-hand motors offers you the advantage of highly competitive pricing coupled with extremely short delivery lead times. All our second-hand equipment carries the same 12-month guarantee as our new equipment – and following reconditioning it is, of course, subjected to a full battery of tests to guarantee that it is in good working order before being repainted and delivered to the customer. Why not request a quotation for one of our second-hand motors?

Much of our equipment in stock is new, especially electric motors bearing the 2€C (European Electric Company) trademark.

Our workshops specialise in customising our motors to suit your precise needs. Not only do we comply with your desired method of assembly or use, we can also install special equipment such as insulated bearings, NU bearings (rollers), forced ventilation, tachometers, incremental encoders or protective sensors. Our decades of expertise in the field of electric motors and their special features have made Focquet a leader in the field. Tell us your specific requirements when you request a quotation.

Focquet also offers different modes of transportation to ensure that your order is delivered exactly when you want it. For emergencies there is our Express solution, where your order is delivered using the ‘Taxicolis’ personalised transport solution. With the Express option, the equipment is dispatched immediately and transported non-stop to its recipient anywhere in Europe. Where the delivery lead time is more flexible, we work mainly with transport operator ABX for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. For deliveries to France, our partner ALLOIN offers two transportation options. Depending on your region, there is standard transportation with delivery within 3 to 4 days, or else Garantissimo, with delivery within 24 to 48 hours. We also routinely arrange deliveries where equipment has to be loaded onto a ship or airplane.